Behind closed doors

Behind closed doors no one knows

What we are like what love that we hold

Yet they like to guess and deal our reputation with blows

All because we don\'t fit into their old fashioned molds


A woman with an opinion and values to share

A woman who isn\'t afraid to say how she feels

She should be doing the dishes, fixing her hair

Making the dinner in dress, apron and heels


A husband that lets his wife run the house

Well that\'s not a man whrn he doesn\'t take control

The other half should be as quiet as a mouse

A man rules the roost that is certain and whole


She must be a bully if he listens to her views

She obviously gives him no choice if he agrees with what she suggests

It\'s 2018, we discuss, we decide, we choose, this shouldn\'t be news

He just agrees, he\'s considered all,  this isn\'t a test


Behind closed doors no one knows

How life is lived and views are shared

No one knows how your love and live goes

And no one should, your life laid bare