(c) 2018 Edward York


The candle flame did flicker,

As it released its light.

It lit the way for you to undress,

And I marveled at the sight.


My fingers helped you with your work,

As each button got released.

My eyes scanned in every curve,

As they took in the feast.


Your body looked so soft and warm,

As the candle lit the way.

My fingers caressed across your skin,

No words were left to say.


The pile of clothes were at your feet,

And I had watched them fall.

The flickering flame did its dance,

And cast our shadows on the wall.


The touch of skin and longing kiss,

The hearts began to pound.

The whispers mixed with aching moans,

Were an intoxicating sound.


There is hunger in the kisses now,

No longer soft and sweet.

Bodies frantic in their quest,

To squelch the rising heat.