Words fail me 

Tongue tied and speechless

My eyes fail me

Even with the brightest light above me

Behind me and beside me

My feet fail me

My 6ft 3 frame stagger along like a tailless kite

My mind fail me

It keeps wandering around like lustful eyes


Your strength I can’t describe 

Mentally you are deeper than the Marianas

You are a rock and a light 

When friends fail me

You remain close as two coats of paint 


You made the childless me a father 

Always reminding me not to make our child fatherless 

Not through death or ill health 

But through neglect as it is quite easy to take things for granted 

My guts fail me 

Even after this big bowl of powdered yam 

I still feel hungry and in need of you 

Need your companion and your wonderful smile 

My back fail me 

Years of lifting and carrying so much emotional baggage 

Scarred for life and left with an open wound 

Scared that I might fail again

Not get it right 


When everything else fail

The love we share will never fail us.