Deacons Dynamism

Tune: St Magnus

(\'The head that once was crowned with thorns\')

Acts Chapter 6 parts


Seven men of honest report

By early church were sought

To be deacons, food distribute

Grounded in God their root


They full of the Holy Spirit

Their lives illumined, lit

And full of wisdom, so to serve

Not from the truth to swerve


And one was Stephen, a man full

Of faith, he powerful

Full of the Holy Spirit too

Did wonders not a few


Yes, full of faith and power he

Did God\'s work, all did see

Life of God from him radiates

And needy souls he sates


His opposers were not able

To withstand him at all

Could not the wisdom nor spirit

Resist, nor words one whit


When at his trial they did see

A sight resplendently

Saw his face as an angel there

He did the gospel share