Address of the Spirit of Margaret to Faust

Peter John Allan

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Not such thy sleep in my embrace reclining,
Thy lips to mine in guilty kisses prest;
Nor did I slumber thus in prison pining,
My lifeless babe lay cold upon my breast.
My mother, too, forbade the welcome rest,
My slaughtered brother stood in wrath beside me;
And when thou cam'st, whom ever I loved best,
I called upon the deep, deep grave to hide me.
And canst thou sleep, destroyer? Yet, oh, sleep!
No painful vigils would I have thee keep.

'Tis well thou hast forgotten me--'tis well;
Man will forget, but erring woman--never.
The thought of him she lov'd must live and dwell
Warm in her soul for ever and for ever;
Her heart from his no earthly power can sever;
Ransomed by death, and all its sins forgiven,
To break that link would be a vain endeavour;
Love, love like mine still haunts the soul in heaven.
Restless I leave the realms of azure air
To sympathise with thee in thy despair.

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