Sickness Invaded Me

Anonymous Africas

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Seven days since I saw my sister,

And sickness invaded me;

I am heavy in all my limbs,

My body has forsaken me.

When the physicians come to me,

My heart rejects their remedies;

The magicians are quite helpless,

My sickness is not discerned.

To tell me "She is here" would revive me!

Her name would make me rise;

Her messenger's coming and going,

That would revive my heart!

My sister is better than all prescriptions,

She does more for me than all medicines;

Her coming to me is my amulet,

The sight of her makes me well!

When she opens her eyes my body is young,

Her speaking makes me strong;

Embracing her expels my malady—

Seven days since she went from me!

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