He Died At His Post

J W Holman

A soldier had fallen! 'Tis well that we weep!
O soft be his pillow, and peaceful his sleep!
Far, far from his home, and the friends he loved most,
He fell in the conflict, and died at his post.

When brave ones were summoned their country to save,
He hasted war's perils to share with the brave,
And proudly he stood in the van of the host,
And, like his Great Captain, he died at his post.

No more shall earth's conflicts disturb his repose,
He has gone where the weary are free from life's woes;
There covered with glory, on Eden's bright coast,
'Twill be sweet to remember he died at his post.

Farewell youthful soldier! we ne'er will forget,
The life thou has offered, the death thou has met!
Of thee may our nation in history boast;
And tell the whole world, thou didst die at thy post.

A soldier has fallen; but long shall remain
The star-spangled flag which he died to sustain;
For, sooner than let our loved country be lost,
A nation of freemen will die at their post!

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