Ghazal 1 (With English Translation)

Inshaullah Khan Insha

Kamar bandhey huey chalney ko yahaan sab yaar baithey hain
bahut aagey gaye baaqi jo hain taiyyar baithey hain

Na chhed aye nakhat-e-baad-e-bahaari rah lag apni
tujhe atkheliyaan sujhi hain hum bezaar baithey hain

Ye apni chaal hai uftaadgi se ab ke pahron tak
nazar aaya jahan par saaya-e-deewar baithey hain

Nayee yeh wazaa sharmaaney ki seekhi hai aapne
hamaarey paas sahab warna yun sau baar baithey hain

Bhala gardish falak ki chain deti hai kisey Insha
ghaneemat hai ke hum-soorat yahan do chaar baithey hain

English Translation

All the friends are prepared and ready to move on
Many have already left, the remaining are also ready

O wind of springtime! Don’t annoy [me] and move on your way
You intend to play whereas I feel wretched

Because of feebleness I feel, for hours together
To rest wherever I find the shadow of a wall

Is it a new manner of coyness you’ve learnt [O my sweetheart!]
Or else you’ve sat besides me a hundred of times

O Insha! Who gets respite from the turns of fortune!
It’s blessing indeed that a few friends are still with us!

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