The girls of Tasmania

Anonymous Oceania

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The Irishman loves his fair Colleen,
No doubt she is witty and pretty,
But in Ireland I have never been,
So can't judge of his taste for sweet Kitty.

The girls of Tasmania they are not shy;
They'll walk with a man if he's only a boy;
But for all the nice girls that I ever did see,
The girls of Tasmania are just the girls for me.

And Scotty thinks with his fair lassie
No other lassies can compare --
He can have them all, so far as I see,
The girls of Tasmania will always do me.

Chorus: The girls of, etc.
The Englishman boasts of his beauties at home;
The Frenchy and Dutchy too treasures have got,
If they all think so, why do they roam?
Mine's a girl of Tasmania -- let the rest go to pot.

Chorus: The girls of, etc.

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