Kim Ki-Rim

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My boyhood was disappeared with mom's bier along the long road.
I lost my first love on the road like a pebble I found and lost.

So, I always went over the road to the riverside
and returned with myself wetted in the sky aglow with the setting sun

Spring, summer, autumn and winter frequently came to see me there with my years.
Crows flew away and cranes left and
I was trembled with yellow sand hill and my dark heart
I was always caught a cold, got back and suffered in those days

Under an old willow out of the villiage,
even grandpa didn't know when it was born,
I have waited blankly for
mom not to return yet,
girl not to return yet,
story not to return yet
as if they seemed to return
Then the dark crawled up soon
and wiped stain off my cheek.

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