John Henry Kimble

After The Shower

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After the shower the fields are green,
The winds are hushed, the air is cool,
The merry children now are seen
Barefoot wading the wayside pool,
Loitering on their way to school,
After the morning shower.

After the shower the farmers walk
Around their homes with thanks sincere.
The shower is foremost in their talk,
See! how it makes their crops appear,
The finest seen for many a year.
Thanks for the gentle shower.

Westward the dark clouds roll away
To vanish in the ether blue,
Eastward the curtains light and gay
Exclude the glorious sun from view
Till, as they shift, he flashes through
And lights the charming scene.

Against the melting clouds, behold
The lofty arch, the beauteous bow,
The sacred sign to saints of old,
As bright as when first seen below,
How fair the matchless colors glow
After the cooling shower.

Washed by the countless, crystal drops,
Awhile from swarming insects free,
The cattle clip the clover tops
Forth wandering o'er the fertile lea,
The birds sing with unusual glee
After the drenching shower.

Over the hills and valleys green
Wild flowers are blooming fresh and fair,
In cottage lawns and yards are seen
The good results of woman's care,
Tulips and pinks and lillies rare
Fresh from the timely shower.

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