Little Lemon

Hagop Norashkharian

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Little lemon, beloved, you who are squeezed in my palm,
And dumbfounded, woefully you stare at me, you just stare...
You are thinking whether why with an unusual fondness
I touch you and caress you, with my impassioned fingers...

This far away and foreign country you have been sent to,
Surely you're of the matter which is punished for its juice...
A foreigner...just like me...O friend of the same fortune,
From the waves of the same shores, you're thrown till here, cruelly...!

With you, my little lemon, I remember the blue sea,
My dear Mediterranean and our home by it as well;
And the limitless gardens of oranges and lemons,
Whose fragrance just so heady was so familiar to me...!

Little lemon, beloved...there, my palm is shivering,
In the sea of emotions my heart pounds so violently;
The moment...that sweet moment, O just let it stay with me,
So that today's fate of mine as a stranger, I

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