Samuel Alfred Beadle

My Prayer

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My Savior, in life's ebb and flow,
In its turmoil, in its glow,
In its triumph, in its woe,
Through its changes guard Thou me.

I am weak and poor and blind,
And oft in my weakness I find
Vile sin has stol'n my peace of mind.
And driven me, Oh Lord, from Thee.

Eternal One, hide not Thy face,
But grant me mercy, love and grace,
And in Thy providence a place
Of security and rest.

I know Thou art rich without me,
That one, God, the Spirit and Thee,
Is th' eternal Deity;
And angels are Thy worshipers.

In Thy hands love and justice dwell,
And the hosts of light, earth and hell
Obedient to Thy will must swell
The long roll at the judgment call.

Lord, I know when the bleeding heart
Looks up to Thee, Thou wilt impart
Upon each ruptured broken part
The soothing balm of Thy sweet love.

And when estranged are all earth's friends
And the gloom of rejection still tends
To obstruct my way, Thou wilt send
Me Thy comforter from above.

And if fortune at last should beam
Upon my obscure path, a gleam
Of sunshine from Thy upper realm,
I know the sunshine, Lord, is Thine.

Lord, I would learn to love mankind,
Through love of him a passage find
To a rich and bright and purer mind,
And home and rest at last with Thee.

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