Ghazal 3

Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah

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The wind has arrived with the winter season
In the absence of lover the God of love pesters the beloved
The heart doesn't relax unless it beholds the lover
The body too gets satiated when it meets with the lover
O cool wind! I can't kill time in the absence of my lover
Bring the voice of the lover and make me gratified
The divine blessing would grow to be the seeker of sin
The purity of the sarong would envy that
I don't fancy the brightness of the candle sans the face of my lover
For my being prefers the brightness of his face
When the moonlit night arrives it troubles me
For the moon incenses the eyes of the beloved
My heart prefers to meet with my lover
I fancy my lover's hands and his necklace
With the blessing of the prophet when I'll meet with my Qutuba
On meeting my lover both of us will drink wine from the royal wine-cup

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