Love Is Victor, Love Is King

Robert C O Benjamin

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Ambition, wealth, yea, life itself,
All stand for naught when love is crowned,
It reigns supreme in human hearts,
Its valient deeds are world renowned.

Its potent spell hath worked a charm
Which makes the world a paradise;
No efforts for its sake too vast,
No lost too great a sacrifice.

No princely peer, how highly born,
Or woman sweet and beautious fair,
E'er lived, but in their various lives
Have felt its passion, feared its cares.

Yea, for its sake most noble deeds
And acts of damning, bitter sin,
Alternate fill the page of life,
For love is victor, love is king.

As for myself, its chains are wreaths
Of sweet flowers, of beautious hue.
It binds my life and heart to one
Who's ever constant, ever true.

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