A Dream

Robert C O Benjamin

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I dreamed that I loved a sweet maiden,
With hair of bright rippling gold;
And the story I told of my love to her
Is the same one that's ever been told.

I dreamed that her eyes, bright and gladsome,
Were dark as the raven's black wing;
And I thought that upon her third finger
I placed a plain gold wedding ring.

I dreamed that her lips, red as cherries,
Were dangerously close to my own;
And the kiss that I gave her whilst dreaming,
Awoke me, so loud was its tone.

But when I awoke I remembered
The cause of my fancy's sweet flight,
And the reason of happy dreaming,
Which made blissful the visions of night.

'Twas a picture which looked from the canvas,
Painted though perfect to life,
And so sweet was the face and the tresses,
I dreamed that I made her my wife.

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