Anxiously Waiting

Robert C O Benjamin

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Lonely and cheerless, the drear days are passing,
No home and no comfort, they bring to my mind;
Sadly and hopeless, the dark nights surround me,
No ray of comfort in this world I find.

Weary and sad, I await the dread summons,
Which sooner or later will bring me sweet rest,
After the toils of the dreary world's over
Then shall they lay me to sleep with the blest.

Careworn with sorrow, I'm anxiously waiting,
Endless relief, in the sleep of the grave,
Sorrow and anguish, all will be over,
When the green grass, on my last bed shall wave.

Anxious I wait, for the touch of the death King,
In his embrace. truest bliss I shall find,
He will afford me the peace, which I lack now,
Comfort and rest to my wearysome mind.

Weary and sad, I await the dread summons.
Sleep which is endless will bring me relief,
Hope in the future, beyond this I need none,
None other ask in this my belief.

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