The Most Beautiful Spot On Earth

Robert C O Benjamin

There's a nook far over the sea,
Where the lady I love was born,
It's the dearest spot on earth to me.
And as sweet as the first of May morn.
Methinks I can see it now,
The picture is fixed on my mind,
And although I searched all the wide world o'er
It's equal I never could find.

Had she never been born to grace
The most beautiful spot on earth.
Its beauty would have been naught to me
And its sweetness nothing worth.
I love it for her sweet sake,
But I love her a thousand times more,
I'd have blessed the spot where e'er she was born,
Had it been on a desolate shore.

And the day she was born is to me
The most blessed of all the year;
The world would ne'er any brightness contain
Unless that lady was near.
Her presence is with me now,
She's the fondest loved wife in the world,
Her love and her life, are endeared to me,
And her worth in my heart is unfurled.

Then, forever most blessed be the day,
And the spot where my love was born,
Ah, had it not been for that time and place,
My life would be sad and forlorn.
The sum of my joy has no end,
No tongue can my happiness tell,
No words can my thankfulness ever express,
Her presence casts round me a spell.

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