Roll Call

David John Scott

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Call the roll! Call the roll of our band,
Let each to his name answer clear,
There's danger abroad, there's death in the land,
Call the roll, see if each one is here.

The roll call is through, one answers not,
Brother Sutton, so prompt heretofore,
Has answered another roll call; the spot
Which knew him shall know him no more.

He's at rest by the beautiful river,
Which flows by the evergreen shore,
Where the verdure of spring lasts forever,
And sickness and death are no more.

O alas! that the righteous should die,
While sinners so greatly abound,
In the world that's to come we'll know why,
The latter incumber the ground.

This mystery we'll then comprehend,
And all will be plain to our sight,
Then dry up the tears which flow for our friend,
In full faith that God doeth right.

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