Millicent Ellis Selsam

The Story of Water--Rain

The raindrops fall.
Thousands of raindrops
patter down on the leaves of the forest
high up on the mountain.

The rain soaks into the ground and overflows.
The water trickles down the mountain in little streams.

The little streams empty into brooks.
The brooks rush down the mountain.
Small brooks join together into bigger brooks.

The brooks meet a river.

The river flows to the sea.

The sun shines on the water, warms it,
and draws it up into the air.
It rises higher and higher to form a cloud.

A wind chases the cloud through the sky.
The cloud meets cool air.
The cloud cools and turns into drops of water.

Their thousands of little raindrops come patttering down
to soak into the ground
to trickle in a stream
to flow in a brook
to travel in teh river to the sea
to become part of a cloud
to be coolest to rain
that patters down in raindrops.

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