Dream Song 10

John Berryman

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There were strange gatherings. A vote would come
that would be no vote. There would come a rope.
Yes. There would come a rope.
Men have their hats down. "Dancing in the Dark"
will see him up, car-radio-wise. So many, some
won't find a rut to park.

It is in the occasions, that--not the fathomless heart--
the thinky death consists;
his chest is pinched. The enemy are sick,
and so is us of. Often, to rising trysts,
like this one, drove he out

and gasps of love, after all, had got him ready.
However things hurt, men hurt worse. He's stark
to be jerked onward?
Yes. In the headlights he got' keep him steady,
leak not, look out over. This' hard work,
boss, wait' for The Word.

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  • PiperMarcum

    Berryman really does have a unique way of telling a story, doesn't he? I'm not quite sure what's happening here, but it definitely invokes a sense of foreboding and unease. Deep, intense stuff.

    • brandielampungme

      Couldn't help but be haunted by the vivid imagery of this piece. It takes me back to when I first read it in my youth and how perplexed I was. But now, there's a certain rhythm and truth to it that resonates, though it's still shrouded in mystery. What's the significance of the "car-radio-wise" line? Does it refer to an escape or connection to the outside world? I must admit it still keeps me guessing. 🤔 A captivating piece indeed, it's amazing how it never fails to stir up emotions, no matter how many times I read it. 📚🙂