Dream Song 23

John Berryman

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This is the lay of Ike.
Here's to the glory of the Grewt White--awk--
who has been running--er--er--things in recent--ech--
in the United--If your screen is black,
ladies & gentlemen, we--I like--
at the Point he was already terrific--sick

to a second term, having done no wrong--
no right--no ยท right--having let the Army--bang--
defend itself from Joe, let venom' Strauss
bile Oppenheimer out of use--use Robb,
who'll later fend for Goldfine--Breaking no laws,
he lay in the White House--sob!!--

who never understood his own strategy--whee--
so Monty's memoirs--nor any strategy,
wanting the ball bulled thro' all parts of the line
at once--proving, by his refusal to take Berlin,
he misread even Clauswitz--wide empty grin
that never lost a vote (O Adlai mine).

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