Eloise Alberta Bibb

Class Song of '91

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We are sighing, for time is flying,
We are going from those so dear;
Friends are severed, though 'round us gathered,
With a cheer to greet us here.
Hope is beck'ning, our fate we're reck'ning,
Life seems bright, all earth is light;
Stars are gleaming, beacons of meaning,
Lights of truth to human sight.


Then, fare you well, fare you well,
Life for us has just begun;
Don't regret, ne'er forget
This dear class of ninety one.

Hours of pleasure, our mem'ries treasure,
Life's best moments for these we sigh;
Thoughts of gladness will scatter sadness,
When we're dreaming of days gone by.
We are sighing, for time is flying,
Soon we part from friends so dear;
Guiding teachers, God's favor'd creatures,
Ah! good-bye to all friends here.

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