To The Godly and Gentle Reader

F. T

Thou hast (good Reader) in this short volume
Sum matters that to thee may seeme vncooth:
As speach, to things improper, made commune,
But yet marke thou if what they say bee sooth.

And if thou finde it so haue thou no scorn,
Therof, for their vnlikelines that spake:
For euident it is long heretoforn,
Christ said the stones should speaken for his sake.

I could proue if me list to stand thereon,
Such maner speaking not to be so newe:
As that they haue not been right long agon,
Sometime admitted, but sometime very true.

For Balams Asse did speake in very deede,
And him reproued for his couetise:
That went to cursen Israel for meede,
VVhich caused him to chaungen his aduise.

Reade we not of a horne that did blaspheme,
The name of God through pride and arrogance:
Yet of his woords and speach who did misdeeme,
Or sought not rather their signifiance.

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