A Visit To The Blessed Sacrament On The Eve Of The Epiphany

John Bannister Tabb

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Now the dusky wing of twilight
Hovers o'er the weary day,
And the ever deeping shadows
Slowly steal across our way.

Here amid the solemn stillness
And the gathering shades of night
Sweet it is, O loving Jesu,
Thee to seek, our fadeless Light!

Yonder lamp before the altar
Tells us of Thy presence there,
As the wondrous Star of Bethlehem
Did Thy dwelling place declare.

And we bow in adoration
As the Magi knelt of old,
Offering Thee our humble tributes
With their incense, myrrh, and gold.

Grant us like those Kings of the Orient,
Ever onward to proceed,
Through all dangers, pain, and labor,
Wheresoe'er Thy Light may lead;

Till our earthly journey ended,
We at last may rest with them,
Where no shadow veils Thy glory,
In the heavenly Bethlehem.

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