Autumn's End

Ernesto Trejo

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It begins when the TV mentions the name of my
saying in passing that the woman next door has
Yes, the one whose name I never knew, the name
that even now escapes me. I will watch
the leaves from her ash trees pile up all winter.

Now deer start to come down from the high coun
to a place between snow and this valley lost in
And my shaggy dog scuttles between rooms.

Then there's the ants. When winter stumbles on
they go under into their caves, tunnels,
and immense corridors.
And what happened to mosquitoes? Where have
they gone
with all the blood collected?

Now there's a long peace in corners and base
where we won't dare to step in,
black widows nest there with their young.
Outside my window a few leaves hang on.
Doubting so many things I wait for winter.
Watergrass is sprouting everywhere, even on the
where the nameless woman hides from winter.

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