Noncvolvera the past

Jose Coronel Urtecho

Or everything is otherwise
Everything of another way Not even what era is or like was
Or nothing of which is sera what was
Either is another thing everything
Is another one era Is the beginning of a new era Is the principle of the new history old history I finish, no longer can return
This, or is another history Another history different from history Another history contratia of history Indeed the opposite of history
Indeed the opposite of the nonvolvera past the past Indeed is the past the won thing
Indeed is the past the abolished thing Indeed is the past the finished thing
Either the past really has happened
Or the past really is
The present the future future present past
Before was the past the present the present the past
Era impossible to separate the present of the past
The past the present the future they were single the past
But the past or it has changed even of meaning
Everything the past has been judged and condemned nonvolvera the past the same last word Even it has or another sense and the same history and the word history
Because history was not either but the last suspended
History or, fossilized From 1936 was prisoner, flooded
Era or died history, history without history
History in which the town did not count
But history is either another history, the new history Started up by the
Front Started up by the town
Or is single history again again which the town wants
Or is single history which the town says
Or is single history which the town makes history now
Perhaps changed of name is called town simply
Perhaps is called life simply
Perhaps revolution. Truth. Justice.
Perhaps single Nicaragua is called is or no word that does not have another meaning
Either the words have true meaning I mean, or have true meaning I mean that or meant it means to meaning
Not another different thing and much the less the opposite
Which must say, what does not want to shut up or to falsear
Not what wants to disguise or to simulate
But simply what means the language or absolutely a language was corrupted that nonSerbian but that stops to lie a language that was simultaneously bad espâol and badly ingles
Nicaraguense language that speaks to the single nicaraguense
But galimatias to it made to engâar and to rob and to kill and to stay in commercial power
One angloalgarabia to operate the consuming town and mainly a way to turn dolares the sweat of the working town
But the language like everything what it was robbed to you
Like everything what was robbed to you in the past
Everything finally has not been recovered
Single of you depends that is yours now
Already sides that your language is going to appear again purified
Each word has been passed through the fire, treated in the crucible
Each word has new sense the sense of each word, its own sense
With that it was invented and acu~ada, put in circulation its original sense is
Even already a new sense the same sinsentido one has sense
Like diria Joaquin Steps, in the sense sense and of sense
Because if is not felt it is felt If it does not feel it is felt Is, because by you, by vos, by all
Which in Nicaragua Everything is felt for the first time
It is with sense, allowed
Everything has sense the truth either is truth the lie lie the
Patria mother country and Nicaragua Nicaragua the freedom is freedom for the first time
Or the words soon would seran the same ones
Or soon would seran the same the things and the words
Soon sera the same thing the word and the thing
As the words and the works would seran the same
As decia Santa teresaL the words is works
Soon vendra the clarification of the ideas the redefinition of the words the
redefinition of the word revolution the redefinition of the sandinista word (Sandinista means national - it has defined Sandinista Borge Takings means nicaraguense has defined Borge Takings) and the
Revolution is going to define what is nicaraguense
As the town is going to define what is revolusion
Since has happened either the past and comes or the future by the
Revolution Like by the revolution he is or everything is for the first time Is for the first time in Nicaragua that a revolution is the Revolution
The first revolution against everything the past first that in fact has defeated it
The one that of trip has erased it of the map of Nicaragua
Until leaving it everything in target rather or, in black a black hole, a black hollow, a black hole since there is in the galaxies
That is everything what it has been of everything the past
Reason why only those of the past live the past in
Only those on the past âoran the past
But they are not mistaken.
Already nobody in nonvolvera engâado sera Nicaragua the past.

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