Alfred Gibbs Campbell

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Jesus, give me of Thy spirit,
Make me meek and mild like Thee;
Let me all Thy grace inherit,
All Thy love and purity!

I would be Thy imitator;
I would choose Thee for my guide,
Oh! Thou loving Mediator
Who for my salvation died.

Pity, Christ, and help my weakness;
Somewhat of Thy strength impart;
Blest Physician, cure my sickness;
Heal my sin-diseas├ęd heart.

Give me strength with wrong to battle,
Help me error to oppose,
Though around me thunders rattle,
Thunders from Thy warring foes.

In the conflict let me never
Shrink with doubt, or fear, or dread,
Knowing that the truth forever
Is by Thee to triumph led!

Confident on Thee relying,
I would Thy disciple be,
With a firm faith and undying,
Ever own Thy mastery;

Follow in Thy footsteps ever
Whether cross or crown I win,
And with hearty, true endeavor,
Strive to vanquish all my sin.

Help me, Jesus, and Thy spirit
Give me, -- make me like to Thee;
Let me all Thy grace inherit,
Love and strength and purity.

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