Prayer For A Temperance Meeting

Alfred Gibbs Campbell

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Thou hast taught us, Lord, that where
Two or three are met for prayer,
Thou wilt certainly be there!

As we meet, O Lord, to-night,
Asking Thee for higher light,
Guide our hearts and words aright!

Let us know that Thou art here!
Let us feel Thy presence near;
Let us hear Thy voice of cheer!

In the warfare we would wage
'Gainst the grim vice of our age,
May we earnestly engage

With a consecration new,
With a purpose firm and true,
With the will to dare and do!

Give us strength to battle wrong,
Through the conflict stern and long,
Though the enemy seem strong.

Stronger Thou than all the foes
Who Thy righteous cause oppose,
Though united fall their blows!

Though the righteous seem to fail,
Like spring-blossoms by the hail,
Scattered on each passing gale;

Thou hast still a chosen few
Who unto Thy cause are true,
Who Thy steps would fain pursue!

Oh! increase their numbers, Lord;
Let them, resting on Thy word,
Draw once more Truth's mighty sword,

And with Thee for Captain, fight
Till Intemperance take his flight
To his native realms of night!

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