Alfred Gibbs Campbell

A Battle-Cry

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Sons of Freedom, rise once more
'Gainst a foe upon our shore,
Deadlier than all foes of yore;
Down with Slavery!

Slavery's hounds are on your track,
Hungry, fierce, and vengeful pack;
Send them howling, hellward back.
Down with Slavery!

See your sons by Slavery slain,
Shed their blood like summer rain:
Shall their blood be shed in vain?
Down with Slavery!

God directing every blow,
Strike with all the strength ye know
Lay the bloody Moloch low;
Down with Slavery!

When war's awful thunder rolls,
And the heavens are flaming scrolls,
'Tis no time for coward souls;
Down with Slavery!

Let no fear your faces blanch,
But, like Alpine avalanche,
Overwhelming root and branch,
Down with Slavery!

Until Slavery vanquished be,
Peace our land can never see,
Nor can we ourselves be free;
Down with Slavery!

Till it pierce the very sky,
Reaching to God's throne on high,
Let us shout our Battle-cry:
Down with Slavery!

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