Alfred Gibbs Campbell

Prayer Of The Slaves

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O god! look down and see
Outraged Humanity
'Neath the Oppressor's rod!
Give ear, O God,
To the despairing cries
Which ever rise
From Thy down-trodden sons
And helpless ones
Whose hope 's alone in Thee!
Oh! set us free!
Thou who proud Pharaoh's hosts
And scornful boasts
Didst whelm beneath the wave,
And Israel save
From their oppressor's power,
In darkest hour
Baring Thy mighty arm
To shield from harm
The chosen of Thy heart,
Take now our part!
Let us not always be
Ground down by tyranny,
Victims of giant wrong:
Thou know'st how long
Our heavy load we 've borne
Of grief and scorn,
Our heavy load of shame; --
Our very name
A nation's idle jest,
While on us rest
A nation's fraud and force!
Without remorse
They tread us in the dust:
Our hopes are crushed:
Yet our sad souls to Thee
Still turn, for only Thou
Canst help us now!
Let us not seek in vain
Thy help to gain!

Let not Thy righteous ire
Rain down avenging fire
Upon each tyrant's head;
Though we have bled
We ask not blood for blood!
Let not a flood
Destroy as when, of eld,
Thine eye beheld
The world's increasing crime.
Spare for a time!
Alas! their cup is filled,
Their ruin willed,
Willed by their own proud hearts!
Thy vengeful darts
Shall fall upon them. They
Who erst did prey
Upon us, soon shall feel,
Yea! sorely feel
Thy Chastisement, and we
Shall yet be free!
To Thee the glory be,
To Thee! to Thee!

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