The Doom Of Slavery

Alfred Gibbs Campbell

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Slavery shall not reign for aye,
Though exalted to the sky;
Even now the doom is nigh,
For a just God reigns on high.

What though earth and hell oppose?
Still the stream of Progress flows:
Ever hath the Truth uprose
From beneath the feet of foes,

Brighter, stronger, fairer than
When the battle first began;
Forward, then! -- lead on the van;
Onward! friends of God and man!

Shackled millions call on you:
"To yourselves and God be true:"
There 's a vast work yet to do!
Forward, brothers, put it through!

Not alone be Kansas' plains
Rescued from the clank of chains;
But, wherever Slavery reigns,
Every spot his foot profanes,

Let your earnest efforts be
Freely given to make free;
Rest not until Liberty
Wear the crown of victory.

Slavery, Union, Compromise,
(Foulest of all trinities,)
Throned upon a tower of lies,
Are the nation's deities.

Hurl these false Gods from their throne!
Snatch from Slavery's brow the crown!
Tear the blood-stained Union down!
Trample Compromises down!

Long humanity hath bled;
Justice far away hath fled;
Truth seems numbered with the dead;
God is silent overhead!

But, Humanity shall rise!
Justice (with unbandaged eyes)
Shall avenge the blood which cries --
Shall avenge Truth's sacrifice!

God shall triumph over Wrong,
Though intrenched in fortress strong;
He shall smite her guilty throng,
Though his suffering seem long.

Then, upon the side of Right,
Let us ever stand and fight,
Till the blackest hosts of night
By the Truth are put to flight;

Till the morning dawn, whose rays
Force and Fraud and Fear shall chase,
And fair Freedom take her place,
Empress of the Human Race!

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