Noah Calwell W Cannon

Hymn 12

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Was stolen and sold from Africa,
Imported to America:
Like the brute beasts at market sold,
To stand the heat and bear the cold.
When will Jehovah hear our cries!
And free the sons of Africa.

They bear the lash -- endure the pain --
Forced through frost, hail, snow and rain,
And often-night sleep on the ground,
No freedom till, the grave is found,
We pray Jehovah will hear our cries,
And relieve the sons of Africa.

Working all day and half the night,
And up before the morning light;
Exposed to hardships, heat and cold,
And if they beg they meet with scold.
We pray Jehovah to plead our cause,
And put in force his righteous laws.

Their skins are dark, their hair is short:
Shall dying men make them trade and sport!
In sorrow draging iron chains;
Depriv'd of all the rights of men.
O, great Redeemer, view their wrong,
And grant them aid e'er it be long.

But He that rides upon the storms,
Whose voice in thunder rolls along:
In his own time will make a way
To relieve the oppressed of Africa.
O, Prince of Glory be their friend!
And keep them faithful to the end.

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