To Mr. J.G. on his being chosen Steward(1) of his Club, presented with the Laure


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Sir, by your Merit led, to you I bring
A Laurel-wreath, but 'tis too mean a thing
For your high Worth and Parts, which we
In vain would Blazon by such Heraldry:
For Laurel, Palm, and Olive, may set forth
Our Love to you, but not express your worth;
Which doth exceed these humble types, as far
As Titan's(2) Rays outshine a twinkling Star:
I'll say no more, lest while I make You best,
I seem Injurious to all the rest
Of this fair Company, who do all by me
Choose you their Steward, and unanimously
Entreat your care, to make their Club to be
For Honor and Grandeur, The Society.

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