Claudelle DeLuna


 Inside The Temple Where Love Reigns

In giving love the misery of falsehood fades,

Love forgives, for it comes from the depths of the soul,

Love is unconditional, for it was molded in heavenly realms,

Love gives generously, for it was created by the big Universe,

Love is soft-spoken, for it was sanctified in whispers of wisdom,

Love smiles, for it loudly praises the songs in the choir of angels,

Love expresses courageously, for it touches all souls willing to feel,

Love listens sincerely, for it echoes true Brotherhood and Sisterhood,

Love is uncritical, for it knows we are all different creations of purpose,

Love is trustworthy, for it feels the cries of all other souls empathetically,

Love feels deeply, for it senses the true quality in venom’s abandonment,

Love is supportive, for it works in companionship building togetherness,

Creating groups of soul families in the softness of the heart bringing ART

~~ Thank you Sister, Thank you Brother, feel the warmth of my Love,

May the universe reward you all abundantly ~~




  • Neville

    What we got here is a whole lotta love....

    Love is certainly all these things & true.. thank you C ..... Neville

  • orchidee

    A lovely write Claudelle.

  • Candlewitch

    lovely write, full of wisdom!

    *hugs, Cat


    Gracias CLAUDELLE : Nuestra Hemana Cara ! A nos gustan tu Poema d'Amor en la forma de una COMPANA muy ingenuiosa ! My Cousin read music @ York University and studied GAMELEN : eastern Music all about BELLS : Loved your video. Brian & I are very much in LOVE and we will be together again (for TWO WHOLE WEEKS !) @ Easter ! Every line of your sensuous Poem resonates with our experience !
    LOVE: forgives - is unconditional - generous - whispers - smiles - courageous - listens sincerely - uncritical - trustworthy - has deep feelings - supports and Love is Warm ! Nuestra Hermana Bella : nos sentiamos siempre tu Amor : y esperemos que tu sentienes nuestro Amor tambien cada dia ! Por favor a visitar nuestra Poma : gracias !
    Abrazos y Besos y Bendiciones :
    Tus Hermanos en El Spirito :
    Hermana Angela y Herman Brian ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿงก๐Ÿงก๐Ÿงก

  • Fay Slimm.

    A light-filled verse all about the greatest of traits and attitudes. Thanks Claudelle for this abundant tribute to Love.

  • Amherrera1190

    Great write as alway hun!

  • Andrew Charles Forrest

    Excellent Claudelle

  • daydreaming

    The many faces of love. Beautifully expressed. You can only describe it if you experience it. So obviously, you have and it big ways. Thank you for sharing.

  • Goldfinch60

    Beautiful write Claudelle. May the love that is within us show all its power for goodness throughout the world.

  • fuche_bu

    quite a lovely ride you took us on.

  • Suresh

    -- and true love is effortless and uncontrollable

    Loved it

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