I let the walls fall

And I let him in

I often mix up the words “inside” and “a part of”


I forget that just because something is inside of something else doesn’t mean that they are one

I fear my hand will become fused to your chest

My head attached to your shoulder

Your lips connected to my neck


I’m afraid that I will learn to lean too far to the right

I fought codependency with isolation and anger

And all it did was come back to bite me in the ass


I’m a sucker for what I’m going to call infatuation

But in all honesty I don’t know what the hell im saying


Arsenic green is now my favorite color

And you are my favorite smell

My favorite sound

My favorite texture


I am not in love but I am loving the feeling you give me

A mature sense of security

I’m beginning to learn the architecture of your body


I’ll study each structure piece by piece until you finally test me

I know I’ll be ready

I love this sinking feeling I’m getting

Sinking into you


  • Thoughts In Time

    Sinking floating...wave after wave...sometimes we need to ride it without setting our hearts in the end...one of the hardest lessons in life...not easy to distance yourself when the attraction is so strong...🌹

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