as the city sleeps in its morning dust 

and I walk the streets of bother and fuss

and I follow my feet wherever they go 

from my heartbeat is Scottish love 



Edinburgh , is where I live 

Edinburgh ,a beautiful Bonnie gift 

Edinburgh , in my eyes a tartan sky 

Edinburgh , Born and so I’ll die 


See the rough sleepers ,forcing their eyes awake 

below the Scottish sun , the morning daybreak 

the crowds of people , their heads turn to the skies 

in their days of life ,things going through their roving eyes 


each day as they live their city life 

Edinburgh has become Scottish pride 

the castle sleeps with its elegant view 

history captured in its graceful time 


the piper plays his bagpipe tunes 

his music haunts the Edinburgh tattoo

respect to all the military men 

who fought in wars ,and gave their lives for you




  • orchidee

    Good wrote Munro.

  • Fay Slimm.

    I was there at that Scottish sunrise as Edinburgh life gets this inspiring tribute - - have visited the city but once but will never forget the feel of its heartbeat.

  • Gary Edward Geraci

    Well done Munro - love of country and people and culture comes through wonderfully in your stanzas. A poem of place and patriotism is a welcome reminder to those of us residing within the shores of the USA.

  • MaddieJ

    You make it sound like a magical place. Your marvel at the place creates a curiosity in me to see it myself! I will have to visit there some day.

  • Goldfinch60

    Good words Munro, the nearest I've been to Edinburgh is Rosyth when I had a session in the Dockyard for a week working on a scientific project on a submarine. Have been to Skye a few times though and loved it and the people.


  • Munro

    Thanks to all. The lovely poets on this great site ,,Thanks for your lovely comments ,,hope you all go to Scotland as it’s wonderful,

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