Christopher Huche

Conscious Energy (The Mind)

I hear you hear me
We don't even need my ears and mouth
But we can still talk this out


Are you trapped with me? probably to leave at death
Cos i've heard you since childhood and you have never left
And when you're talking, that's me thinking
When i air it out, it feels like am repeating


Like you are me talking, while the mouth is just a means
And you hear and see this world from what the ears and eyes sees
Cos you're not of that nature so you never age
Even when the bones go weak and memories fade


Yet you're still so close like theirs no distance between our ends
Cos you talk so loud and clear like you are in my head
But doctors have cut bodies to bits you still can't be found
You're just like energy, only it's effect tells us it's around


Something Science tells you how but do not know where or why
Something Religion tells you why but you go to when you die
Cos the essence of life can't be seen or hurt
So when you leave, the body is left to rot

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