A Brand New Day


The rising Sun

Holds my future

At least for today


A new awakening

Brings new memories

Casting rays of light

Until tonight


Come what may.




  • orchidee

    Good write and pic teddy.
    Now my gloomy write, though we need rain too:
    The rising dark cloud
    Brought me gloom and doom
    It burst its bonds
    Now it's hissing down!
    (Spot the typo done on purpose, in the last line. lol)

    • Teddy.15

      You hissed the p! 🤣 good morning dear Orchi, thank you for coming by to leave a fun comment, the sun surely does make a difference to our mood. Thank you.

      • orchidee

        You won't need your teef for my poem's title today!

      • Goldfinch60

        So very true Teddy, each new day is so wonderful and even the night holds our dreams for a new day.


        • Teddy.15

          Dear Andy, Thank you dear friend. x

        • dusk arising

          Lovely encouraging sunny morning here in Worcestershire which really enhances the power of your words today.

          • Teddy.15

            Good morning dear Dusk , so good to see you this morning, ah the sun can cheer up even the most grand of misery. So glad you have the sunshine today. thank you dear friend. x

          • Fay Slimm.

            A transporting read and thank you too dear Teddy for sharing that gorgeous autumn picture - -- what could be better than waking to that ?

            • Teddy.15

              Good morning Dear fay, not much can beat a bright sunny day thats for sure. Thank you for coming by dear friend. x

            • Neil Higgins

              Bright sunny mornings are fine for the soul and our moods.Where as a dark rainy day is so depressing.I love to wake up with the sunlight shining through my bedroom window.It's so inspiring.
              Another fine write missy.

              • Teddy.15

                Dearest Neil, Thank you dear friend. Sunshine can beat any misery we may have. x

              • L. B. Mek

                (what an idyllic picture that is
                how beautiful this planet is sometimes)
                thanks for sharing dear Poetess
                stay positive, remember
                you need only acknowledge and respond to those influences in life,
                you actually: Want, in your life
                all the rest, just fade into the background, when you realise you can just ignore them
                like that turd on the street, you avoid stepping on..
                don't let anyone dictate your relationship with Poetry,
                simply write for yourself, respond to comments if and when you want
                and let that be enough..
                hope you have a great weekend, my friend

                • Teddy.15

                  Dearest L.B i truly appreciate these words and especially today, i always try not to let others ruin my vision. Thank you for this very thoughtful review in which you actually brought the sun to me, as you always do sweet friend. xxxxx

                • Accidental Poet

                  Very positive write today Teddy. I too love to wake to a glorious sunrise. 😎

                  • Teddy.15

                    Dear A.P thank you my dear.friend, misery can certainly be chased away with a bit of sunshine 🌞 Thank you X

                  • Jerry Reynolds

                    Fantastic read, Teddy.
                    What a wonderful place to be.

                    • Teddy.15

                      Thank you dear Jerry, the sunshine always beat the gray my dear friend. Always a pleasure to know you enjoy my work, thank you. X

                    • Jennifer Martin

                      Love your rhythm, rhyme, and most of all, your touching words, Teddy! "Casting rays of light, until tonight."

                      • Teddy.15

                        Hello Dear Jennifer very nice to meet you, and thank you for coming by to leave such a gorgeous review. Thank you.

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