Life On Earth

Burned buildings billowing black smoke.

Pock marked fields as far as the eye can see.

Bodies strewn across a barren wasteland.

Innocent children's corpses piled in heaps.

Mindless pilots have completed their mission.

The only reality remaining is death.

The tragedies of a false war continue.

Who is right and who is wrong?

Satan sits in his lofty chair and laughs.

Religious leaders bare their rotting teeth with self righteous grins.

World leaders bicker back and forth with stale breath.

This dismal realm of hate and violence will certainly end all of our lives.

See the future for what it really is.

This world is part of God's master plan.

Life on this earth will end.



    Thanks for the spelling correction, and as always your continued support.


    Bear, bare, damned English, I'm going German!


      Confusion is my existence 😜!

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