Comments received on poems by George C. Biester

Only Human
Canticle said:


April 8th, 2018 22:25

Only Human
Maxine Smith said:

Know one ever really knows from the outside looking in,
All the feelings that lie deep within.
Good write.

April 8th, 2018 11:55

Her space
Jessg said:

I love the detail. I love reading things that make you stretch your imagination and combine it with someone else interpretation.

November 22nd, 2017 09:30

Her space
Tony36 said:

Well written and expressed

November 22nd, 2017 09:16

My angel, she bleeds.
George C. Biester said:

I\'m glad you all like it. Thanks for taking the time to read it.

August 29th, 2017 22:34

My angel, she bleeds.
WL Schuett said:

Very good poem with lots of feeling a very good start

August 29th, 2017 09:31

My angel, she bleeds.
George C. Biester said:

Thank you my friend.

August 29th, 2017 07:33

My angel, she bleeds.
Louis Gibbs said:

Intriguing poem, TRO! Welcome to MPS. I look forward to more.

August 29th, 2017 07:30