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Today in history

  • 1784

    Samuel Johnson: On the 13th of December 1784 Samuel Johnson passes away at the age of 75 [London, United Kingdom]

  • 1797

    Heinrich Heine: Heinrich Heine was born in 1797 in Dusseldorf. He was from a Jewish family and his father was a textile merchant. Heine was the eldest of four children. [Dusseldorf, Germany]

  • 1911

    Kenneth Patchen: Kenneth Patchen was born in Niles, Ohio, in 1911. His father worked in the local steel mills which was often mentioned in Patchen's poetry over the years. [Niles, Ohio, United States]

  • 1927

    James Wright: On December the 13th, 1927 James Wright is born in Martins Ferry, Ohio [Martins Ferry, Ohio, United States]

  • 1943

    Primo Levi: On December the 13th 1943 Levi is arrested by the Fascist militia [Turin, Italy]

  • 1968

    Ogden Nash: On December the 13th 1968 Nash has several poems about American football published in "Life" magazine [Baltimore, Maryland, United States]

  • 1983

    Nichita Stanescu: On December the 13th, 1983 Nichita Stanescu passes away at the age of 50 in Bucharest, Romania [Bucharest, Romania]

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Featured news

Peterborough/Jerusalem – Poetry news Roundup December 12th


In today's news round-up we bring you the story of a poetry funding boost for Peterborough and the poem that found a new audience last week when Donald Trump made a startling announcement about Jerusalem. Peterborough Poetry to Receive Funding Boost Funding of £14,000 has been awarded to Charley Genever the former Poet Laureate of Peterborough. The money which has come from National Lottery funding by Arts Council England will be used to support ...

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