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Today in history

  • 1536

    Sir Thomas Wyatt: On the 19th of May 1536 Anne Boleyn is executed in the Tower of London [London, United Kingdom]

  • 1603

    William Shakespeare: In 1603 The King's Men acting troupe forms [London, United Kingdom]

  • 1897

    Oscar Wilde: On May the 19th 1897 Wilde is released from jail [London, United Kingdom]

  • 1925

    Vachel Lindsay: On May the 19th 1925 Lindsay marries Elizabeth Connor [Spokane, Washington, United States]

  • 1971

    Ogden Nash: On May the 19th 1971 Ogden Nash passes away at the age of 68 in Baltimore, Maryland [Baltimore, Maryland, United States]

  • 1984

    Sir John Betjeman: On the 19th of May 1984 Sir John Betjeman passes away at the age of 77 in Trebetherick, Cornwall [Trebetherick, Cornwall, United Kingdom]

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