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  • Richard Paulson

    I wrote to "report" a particular person. I don't know if you got my words yet, as follows: "A person who calls himself "dusk arising" has not ceased to personally attack me ever since I published my spiritual poem, called, "Holy Sonnet Of The Two Destinies". I began with rebuking this person for evilly speaking, but every time the person writes back with more personal attacks. I have not visited any of this person's poems nor made any comments against this person in the past, yet I have been continually assailed. I am not one to be silent in the face of such evil attack. However, there is no point in continually having to deal with this, when I am just here to share my poems. And I am not forcing anyone to read them. If someone doesn't like or believe in what I am writing, they don't have to read it. So I request that if possible, in future, "dusk arising" would be blocked or stopped from making any further comments regarding me or my poems."
    At the time of writing this report I did not know how to ignore the person or block the person from writing. But I found out how to just a little while ago. So I blocked the person from any future comments by going to the person's profile.
    Regards, Richard.

    • Julian Yanover

      Welcome to My poetic side!

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