Comments on community poems by Introverted Sage

  • WHAT DID YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN? (LIZ) Cutting the cords of toxic love takes but also gives great...
    September 5th, 2023 00:13
  • Colour (Peto) This is beautiful. Healing comes turning pain to love. Great write!
    September 3rd, 2023 10:01
  • Lunar (Peto) Vivid imagery! The magic of the Moon and how it evokes dormant remnants of...
    September 1st, 2023 13:17
  • MENTOR’s HONOR (Bobby O) Such a beautiful write! From the heart always wins. May the memories of...
    September 1st, 2023 12:52
  • I need your love (Peto) A love that is addicting.. I hope your match is equally addicted! Nice...
    August 31st, 2023 15:47
  • Holy Dreamscape (Parisab) This is beautiful! 💚
    August 31st, 2023 15:44
  • THE TRUTH IS  (LIZ) \"What makes you think I\'ll follow the rules? I\'ve come too far to play...
    August 31st, 2023 00:42
  • Witches brew (Peto) This flows like a spell or a song. Great rhythm!
    August 29th, 2023 11:27
  • Line (Peto) The duality and darkness this shows is intense! There\'s always another...
    August 27th, 2023 01:45
  • Thank you (Saxon Crow) This is beautiful!
    August 21st, 2023 15:41
  • Blessed to Share (Bobby O) \'Praying impulse to Share Be not quite so Rare\' Yes! Great...
    August 18th, 2023 02:25
  • DreaMe (Introverted Sage) Yes, indeed! Thank you!
    August 16th, 2023 23:36
  • F the greens (2781) This is great! Reminds me of a close call I had myself😆 Except mine...
    August 11th, 2023 10:42
  • Miss (Peto) Such a beautiful write! The love and deep feelings for this person is...
    August 9th, 2023 10:57
  • JAZZ IS LIFE (Bobby O) The right music.. sings to the soul. Great write! Thanks for sharing
    August 3rd, 2023 15:54
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