Sons of a Man with a Heart of Stone, by Mor Jókai


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  • Genre: Novel
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  • Natalie Gladmir
    Language: English
    Rating: 7

    “Sons of a Man with a Heart of Stone” is one of the best works of the Hungarian novelist Mor Jókai. The plot of this novel is based on the events of that story, which is described quite little and sparsely in school textbooks. The book tells about the Baradlai family, or rather about the sons of a tough tyrant and despot - Casimir Baradlai, a pillar nobleman and landowner. Dying, he left his wife a will, in which he indicated to which of his sons which path he intended. He prophesied the fate of the ambassador to the eldest, Eden. Average, Richard - the path of the military. Well, for the youngest, Yona, his father prepared the way to high politics. He, a man with a heart of stone, did not take into account his closest relatives's opinion at all. He built the hierarchy of his clan, and his sons - a diplomat, a military man, a statesman - were to become his support. But... for the first time in her life, the wife decided to go against her husband's will.
    The author pays a lot of attention to the events of the liberation war of 1848 - 1849 in Hungary. These events in history were called the “Spring of Nations” because they affected Austria, France, and partly Germany. The author vividly describes the first days of the revolution in Vienna, showing the joy and delight of the Viennese youth. He did not ignore Nicholas I, the “gendarme of Europe,” who had a rather negative influence on those events. But there are not only descriptions of the history of the national liberation and struggle of the Hungarian rebels against the Austrian yoke; the book also contains a love story and family secrets. And this is precisely what adds charm to the novel and essentially becomes the main plot line - life and love against the backdrop of revolution.

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