Help > Ebook with your poems

At My Poetic Side, you can have a pdf file type book, virtual, that can be read from any desktop or mobile device, containing all your poems published here.

This makes possible to have all your work in a single file, easy to read and without distractions, that you can send to someone to show what you write. You could do this by sending the ebook as an attached file through mail.

You have a few options you can set. At your Dashboard, you will find the link to edit the Ebook options. The first and most important, is whether you want the ebook to be created. By default, this isn’t active, and if you want your ebook, you have to check the box. After that, you can include some words to dedicate to someone, an acknowledgement and some information about yourself. Finally, you can choose from 20 background images for the ebook’s cover. Save the changes by clicking “Send”.

The book is generated, or updated, automatically, once per day. The ebook is updated every time you submit a new poem or modify the contents of a previously submitted work.

You can find your ebook at your public profile, under your “Poems published”. You, and all the other My Poetic Side users, can access and/or download your ebook through that link.