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Fusioned Poems will allow you to create a new poem with the help of other users, one stanza at a time. This means you will kickstart the poem, but your friends at My Poetic Side will be able to add in what they want following some rules yuo may have set. We’ll show you next how to start a fusioned poem and the available options.

At the Dashboard, we have to find the box titled “Create fusioned poems” and click on the button that says “CREATE A FUSIONED POEM“.

You may find this similar to when you submit a new poem all of your own, but there are some differences.

You’ll have to fill in the Poem title first. Then, write in the First stanza that will set the topic, tone, etc., for the rest of the poem.

Like when you submit a poem, then you can add media to it in the form of a picture, YouTube video or SoundCloud audio. You can also set a category and point out if it’s for an audience of over 18 years old.

Now you’ll have the chance to provide notes for the people that will participate in the creation of the poem (in case you want say something about the quantity of lines per stanza, type of rhyme, comment about the subject, etc.).

Up next, you’ll select the limit of the poem. First you need to choose if the limit will be ruled by stanzas or by days. The next field is directly related to this choice, as you’ll pick how many days or stanzas will be the limit for the fusioned poem. When the limit chosen is reached, the poem is automatically closed and displayed as finished.

At “Lines that will be visible” you can play a little. This option lets you hide some parts of each stanza if you want to make things a little more interesting. By default “All” is selected which means that all lines of all stanzas are shown while making the poem, and all as well will be revealed to the final reader. However, if you choose “the first of each stanza” for example, only the first line of each stanza submitted by the users creating the poem will be shown while the poem is under construction, revealing the final poem only when it is finished. This would mean that the users writing the poem only see a little bit of what the other participant wrote and have to imagine/guess/wonder the rest, making it a challenge to continue in the same line and probably resulting in very entertaining poetry.

In order to promote diversity of users in the making of the poem, we can set a Limit per user.

Finally, you have the last option: “Users that can participate”. We recommend choosing “My friends” that is already selected by default, because this way your friends at My Poetic Side will get a notification from you to join in your fusioned poem. If you choose “Public”, everyone can participate but no notifications will be sent as we can’t notify every user here. So maybe you can choose My friends first, and then edit the poem to allow everyone to write in it. Also, you can choose “Some of my friends” to allow only certain users to collaborate.

At our homepage, you can find the Fusioned poems box, where you will see the last ones published, the ones being developed, and also the ones you are contributing to / can join right now.

There’s a 1 fusioned poem started by week limit, that actually goes away if the poem is finished. You can collaborate in as many fusioned poems as you like.