Help > Real time poems

My Poetic Side allows you to record in real time, how you write the poems you submit to our community.

Pushing the “Record” button, at the page where the full form to submit a new poem is located, the system will start recording everything you write in the “Poem” field. You should remember then, to hit the Record button before you start typing in your poem (and also don’t forget to add your title and fill in the other options available below those fields).

The idea behind this, is for you to use this option when you want to write your poem first hand directly in our form, so all the changes, typos, etc., that happen will be reflected in the process, giving an unique inside look to other users and visitors of how a poem is made. If you already wrote your poem in another platform, like Microsoft Word for example, this option doesn’t make sense as users will only see a copy/paste, not the real typing.

It’s important that when you have the form ready, you click only on Save draft or Publish poem, and you should also take notice that once you hit one of those buttons, the system won’t log any more of your typing in case you edit your poem later.

After you publish your poem, you’ll see the Watch in real time button, that will allow everybody to see how you created your poem from scratch. Above it, a clock will also display, showing the time elapsed in the development of your new work.

You can stop showing your “poem in real time” if you edit your poem and uncheck the corresponding option.