James Joyce Repatriation/Pam Ayres’ Return – Poetry News Roundup October 21st

We begin another week here on My Poetic Side with a look at the campaign to bring James Joyce home. We also have a short article about Pam Ayres.

Campaigners Want to Repatriate the Remains of James Joyce to Dublin

A group of campaigners based in Dublin are hoping to bring the remains of James Joyce, the celebrated poet and author home to Dublin. Joyce is buried in Zurich and they would like to see his remains interred in the place that he chronicled in many of his works.

Joyce was born in the Rathgar neighbourhood, and last week a motion was backed that would see the lord mayor petitioning the Irish government to request the repatriation of his remains. The aim of the campaign is to properly acknowledge Joyce who was not acknowledged as much as he should have been when he was alive.

Under the influence of the Catholic Church at the time of his death, the Irish government refused the 1941 repatriation of Joyce due to his outspoken criticism against the church. The mood in the country has, however, changed now, and many believe it is time to bring Joyce home. It is something that his family have always wanted.

Joyce was 58 when he died in Zurich. He was buried in the Fluntern cemetery together with Nora Barnacle, his wife, and a number of other family members.

February 2022 will be the 100th anniversary of “Ulysses” and it is hoped that if the motion is passed, the remains would be back in Ireland in time for this special anniversary.

Whilst there are many people who would like to see Joyce’s remains repatriated, there are also those who are not so sure, feeling that the move is being done in an effort to not only commercialise the author but also to help increase tourism to Dublin.

When Ulysses was published in Paris in 1922, it was banned in Ireland because it contained scenes that were explicit. This cemented Joyce’s aversion to the country, and for the last 29 years of his life he stayed away.

Nowadays Joyce is seen as something of a cult figure in Dublin, and “Bloomsday” takes place every year on 16th June when fans read scenes from the book. 16th June is the day on which Joyce based the book in 1904.

In 1948 the poet W. B Yeats, who died in France in 1939 was repatriated to Ireland.

Pam Ayres returns to Scarborough

This autumn one of the most loved poets in the UK will be returning to Scarborough. Pam Ayres, who has been performing poetry for over 40 years will be performing poetry both old and new from her book “Up In The Attic”, which has just been published.

Ms Ayres has been busy recently with TV appearances on Celebrity Antiques Road Trip, Springwatch and Celebrity Mastermind. She has also made radio appearances in a wide selection of different series.

The show in Scarborough will take place from 1st to 2nd November.

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