Russian Poet Passes Away/Old Books Returned/Subway Poetry Exhibition – Poetry News Roundup October 26th

Our final news round-up of the weeks looks at the death of a Russian poet, the return to the UK of some rather old books, and finally, the subway poetry that will be on display in its own exhibition.

Poet Vladimir Dagurov Passed Away, Aged 78

The Russian poet Vladimir Dagurov has passed away in Moscow aged 78. He died on the 22nd October. It is understood that he had cancer. His funeral took place on Wednesday, with a ceremony at the Troekurov cemetery, which was then followed by a church service at the Church of All Saints in Sokol. He was buried in the Perepechenko cemetery.

Born in 1940 in Nalchik, close to the Caucasus mountain, Dagurov was the son of the family of the Buryat poet Gennady Dagurova. He followed in his father’s footsteps and became a poet in his own right. He published 20 books of both poetry and prose. In 1965 Dagurov became a member of the Union of Writers of the USSR. Several his poems were turned into pop songs by popular Russian artists including Valentina Tolkunova, Philip Kirkorov and Mikhail Shufutinsky

For the First Time in 1300 Years Behemoth Bible to Return to England

In the early years of the eight century, three very large Bibles were produced. They were the work of the monks who lived at the Wearmouth-Jarrow Abbey. Two of the bibles remained in Northumbria on their completion, but the third was sent to Pope Gregory II as a gift in 716AD.

The two copies that remained in Northumbria have sadly suffered the ravages of time over the years and only fragments now remain. The third copy however is in better condition and still in Italy. This copy, referred to as the Codex Amiatinus, will be making the journey back to the UK.

This is the first time in 1,302 years that the Bible will have left Italy. It is the oldest surviving copy of a Latin Bible in existence. On its arrival in the UK it will be taking centre stage at the British Library in London as part of an exhibition on Anglo-Saxon art, literature, science and politics.

The lead curator of the exhibition has confirmed that the Codex Amiatinus is not to the only book that is returning as part of the exhibition. The Vercelli Book, which has not been to the UK in over 900 years, will also be making an appearance. This book is also rather special; it is one of a series of four poetic codices. These four books contain most of the surviving poetry in Old English. For the first time in history all four books will be displayed side by side in the same case.

Exhibition for the Subway Poems

Since 1992, the New York Subway and buses have been playing host to plenty of poems – the result of a collaboration between The Poetry Society of America and the Transport Authority. Now these poems will be getting an exhibition of their own.

The poems that have formed part of the concept called “Poetry in Motion” includes works by many famous poets, both from America and all over the world. Poets like Walt Whitman, W.B. Yeats and Emily Dickinson are included.

The exhibition is a great way for people to rediscover their favourite pieces of subway poetry.

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